Chicago CocoaHeads April 2011 Link-o-Rama

Various links from the past month that I thought were intesresting that I posted to the groups mailing list:

Gruber: Gap Theory of Design (WebStock ‘11)

XCode 4 reviews (nowhere near as awesome as Ben’s talk was tonight)

Cocoa Samurai: XCode 4 Keyboard Shortcuts

Cocoa Samurai: Singletons: You’re doing them wrong (special link just for Dave)

Dave’s C4[3] Unit Testing Preso

Neven Mrgan:  What it’s like to share an article from one of these iPad magazines

What is the single most influential book every programmer should read?

Fuck You. Pay Me.

Pinboard Blog: anatomy of a crushing

Instagram’s first weekend (hint: EC3 to the rescue):

Mental Blog: on the Usefulness of Core Data’s User Info Dictionary

Why Garage Band on iPad is so awesome

Watch Your Fingers: Slice HD

BBum: iOS 4.3: imp_implementationWithBlock()

Gruber on Pricing (what’s wrong with NYT online, but can apply to anyone):

World of Goo iPad launch statistics

WTF? Toyota sponsoring a theme in Cydia marketplace (then pulling it)

Epic’s Tim Sweeny on mobile gaming (iOS vs. Android, what do you think, duh! :-)

Farming vs. Mining

POW: 37 Signals new Node.js easy deployment for Rails and Rack apps